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Beautiful, clear and stunning vector XAML icons for your WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone or Windows Store applications. XAML ICONS is an easy-to-use app that provides over 10.000 icons as vector templates in XAML code. XAML ICONS give you the ability to resize icons in your applications to any size without any loss in quality or pixel distortions.

Discover Icons

XAML ICONS offers you the function of exploring icons in different ways. Use the embedded search if you know exactly what you are searching for. Use the Tags view, to get an impression which icons are waiting for you. If you are just looking for some inspiration, then the random view might be the right tool for you, where XAML ICONS presents you 100 randomly chosen icons. If you have found icons that you like, either mark them as favorites or organize them into projects.

Customize icons

A user-friendly icon editor is embedded into XAML ICONS. There you can customize icons to your needs. Change foreground or background color, adjust size or use different transformations and get fantastic results just in a few minutes. The XAML Code of your icons could be either saved into files or copied to the clipboard.


Search view

To help you find the icons that you are actually looking for we developed a powerful and fast search engine.

Random icons view

As the name implies, this view presents 100 random icons on each refresh. It's the perfect way to find inspiration. The screenshot shows also the opened icon details pane.

Icon editor

Use different tools to customize the icon to your needs. Each change is reflected back to the underlying XAML code in real time.


XAML Code of the currently customized icon. XAML Code could be copied and directly pasted into your application.

Privacy Policy


This application does not use internet connection, with one exception. All data that this app uses is stored locally and removed when the application is uninstalled. No personal data is collected, saved or passed on. We never disclose your information to any 3rd party and it never leaves your computer. An internet connection is only established, when you send feedback directly to us. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Diese Anwendung verwendet bis auf eine Ausnahme keine Internetverbindung. Alle Daten die diese App verwendet sind lokal gespeichert und werden beim Deinstallieren gelöscht. Es werden keine personenbezogenen Daten erhoben, gespeichert oder übermittelt. Benutzerdaten werden von uns niemals an Dritte weitergegeben. Eine Interverbindung wird nur dann aufgebaut, wenn Sie über das integrierte Formular Feedback an uns senden. Sollten Sie irgendwelche Frage haben, kontaktieren Sie uns über