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Devitep Solutions offers a complex spectrum of custom software development services. Since entering the IT industry, we've gained exceptional experience in software development on MS technologies as well as software development methodologies. To get an impression of our skills, look at some of our projects below.

Portable Executable Inspector

Portable Executable Inspector is a professional software that was developed in order to make the internal structure of executables more obvious for interested users. While there is already a lot of software available for working with PE files, most of them are lacking of a feature to display their extracted values in a context, so that the user knows where the actual information is coming from ...

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Neural Network Simulator

The Neural Network Simulator is a graphical simulator for neural networks running under Microsoft Windows, that allows to create networks of different types and unlimited size and later integrate them into custom applications. Among a wide range of available types the user can choose the most appropriate one to create his network. Networks of different types can be connected to share input and output signals. Among the supported net types are ...

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LINQ to Dynamics AX Entity Framework

LINQ to Dynamics AX Entity Framework saves time by avoiding to write the same code over and over again for quering data from a Dynamics AX system. The frameworks makes it possible to query and use data from Dynamics AX with the familiar LINQ syntax. The framework translates the LINQ query into a shape that AX understands. The query then is executed on the Dynamics AX system and not on the SQL server, which means that all the business logic is definetly executed as well. To make it as easy as possible to work with the framework ...

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Ticket Manager

Devitep Ticket Manager is a slim and powerful tool to bring a company and their customers together. Customers or any end users that need help with products can log on to the tickets system where they can open a ticket about their issue. Support employees get notifications on new tickets or new ticket messages and can react immediately. The customer can check the status of his tickets at any time, filter them, search for them and make changes to them in case there is a new development that has to be reflected into the ticket ...

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